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Scientific Members

Hubert Egger

Professor for Prosthetics and expert for Bionic Limb Prostheses. Hubert’s research concerns human gait and gripping aiming at developing high-tech arm and leg prostheses for amputees. He obtained his master degree in communication engineering and PhD in medical engineering at the Technical University of Vienna in 1983 and 1999. After having worked as an assistant at the technical University of Vienna, he worked as a researcher for Otto Bock in Vienna, market leader for arm- and leg prostheses. There he was leader of the research project “Mind Controlled and Feeling Arm Prosthesis” from 2000 to 2010. At the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria he was the initiator of the project “Feeling leg Prosthesis” a case study in co-operation with the University Medical Centre Innsbruck.

e-mail: hubert.egger[at]

Armin Hochreiner

Key Researcher.  Armin is a full-time professor specializing in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering at the Department of Medical Engineering. His areas of expertise also include optics and photoacoustic imaging/ultrasound imaging. In addition to completing his doctoral thesis at the end of 2013, Armin was employed at the research company RECENDT. He also worked as a research associate at the Faculty of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria / Wels and as a project engineer at TTTech Automotive. Since 2016, Armin has been working as an assistant professor and researcher in the field of medical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.


Birgit Plochberger

Key Researcher. Birgit is a full-time professor at the Department of Medical Engineering at FH OÖ. Through her work, she provides detailed insights into biomolecular mechanisms that underlie biology and medicine, making processes more comprehensible. Birgit earned her habilitation in the field of biophysics at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz with her dissertation titled ‘Lipoprotein Metabolism under a Super Resolved Spotlight’. Over the years, she has become a driving force for research and development and was awarded the Research Prize by FH OÖ for her contributions.



The following students have been involved in the development of the Science Lab.
Our special thanks to all of them for their commitment.

Bachelor Theses

Ortner Julia, Pühringer Selina,  Habersatter Agnes, Dominik Krouzecky, Zauner Simon, Percht Roman, Wittner Claudia, Hinko Vanessa, Höglinger Simon, Hirtner Klaus, Nawaf Elias, Aigner Pascal, Beneder Markus, Rieder Nadine, Schachermayr Thomas, Maringer Petra, Roth Alexander, Astner Claudia, Peter Julian, Schlintner Roman, Starzinger Thomas, Dullnig Elena, Alabrash Abdul

Master Theses

Blasenbauer Daniel, Sonnleitner Andrea, Hirtner Klaus, Anto Anson, Arbuatti Daniele, Roth Alexander