Main areas of research

Applied Social Sciences and Non Profit Management (Research Center Linz)

This field aims to develop new concepts and differentiated services in the field of social work, in particular evaluation projects as well as the development of new methods and instruments for social work. There is an additional focus on the organisational and economic optimization of social and health services as well as the scientific accompaniment of the progressive implementation of effectiveness oriented administration.

Quality of Life for the Elderly (Research Center Hagenberg & Linz)

The ageing of the European population presents a central challenge for society. Researchers develop new service concepts to meet the challenge of the ensuing nursing and care needs. Innovative solutions in the fields of assistive technologies and information and communication technologies (especially e-health) from diagnostic, telemonitoring and prevention systems are being worked on. Know-how in the fields of social and health management from Campus Linz meets technical know-how in the fields of medical informatics and software engineering from Campus Hagenberg.

Medical Technology (Research Center Linz)

Researchers in this field look into new and integrated technologies for medical appliances for diagnosis, rehabilitation and care. In the field of biomechanics, the focus is on subjects like the 3D motion measurement of the musculoskeletal system or the video based measurement of eye movements. In the field of biomedical microscopy, our state of the art infrastructure is used to develop new techniques and methods for concomitant, supportive diagnostics.