Welcome to the Research Group “ReAll” which is located at the Department of Medical Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Linz . “ReALL” focuses its activities on the computer-assisted development of bionic arm and leg prosthetics for amputees with highly motivated students. The teaching activities take place in cooperation with AUVA, which acts as a mediator for the teaching prostheses.

Our Mission is to develop prostheses in co-operation with both users and manufacturers. Following the examples of nature our work is strongly based on bionic principles steadily reducing the gap between healthy natural and artificial limbs.

Our Vision is to support all individuals in need of limb prosthetics. Unfortunately, people in emerging and developing countries do not benefit from the advancements in limb prosthetics to the same extent as those in industrialized nations. The situation is similar in conflict zones. The reasons for this are often significant infrastructural challenges and a lack of qualified personnel. Read more…

Dr. Othmar Karas
Member of the European Parliament since 1999. On January 18, 2022, he was elected as the First Vice President of the European Parliament. Additionally, Karas serves as the President of the Aid Organization Austria and is the founder and chairman of the non-partisan association “Citizens’ Forum Europe says:

The images in the slideshow depicting the situation in Ukraine are from the website UNBROKEN,   Prosthetics Rehabilitation Clinic in Lviv, Ukraine which also holds the copyrights to the images!

Visit to the Unbroken Rehabilitation Center

At the invitation of Mariana Svirchuk, Director of the National Rehabilitation Centre ‘Unbroken’, the Austrian Cooperation Office in Lviv together with Martin Mühlbacher, Attaché for Social Policy and Health of the Austrian Embassy in Ukraine, organised a guest lecture by Dr Hubert Egger, Professor of Prosthetics at the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria, at the ‘Unbroken’ Rehabilitation Centre in Lviv. This first meeting marks the beginning of a possible cooperation in prosthetics training at the Rehabilitation Centre. In the run-up to this event, the Centre received a large number of prostheses from Linz for practical training.